Why we stock the bikes we do

Here at Velo Cycles, we’ve always been careful with the brands and models we sell.  We’re aware plenty of other bike shops stock many other brands, many other models, and many other types of bikes, but we’ve always mindful of being able to give you a dependable, quality transport solution.  To that end, we have an underlying philosophy:


We never want to see a bike we stock come back into the shop for the wrong reason


If a sales rep comes in with a new bike, we ride it.  Our head mechanic will examine it.  We’ll look at the specification and what it has onboard, and what it’s like compared to other bikes – or the previous year’s model.  We don’t feel the need to stock everything – in fact, we try not to stock more than one bike that does the same thing.  We look for the best value for money for you, at various price points and various bike capabilities. We’re happy to get last year’s model as a runout from the importer and pass those savings on to you if it’s a good spec.


We are proudly independant – we’re not a brand name shop.  This allows us to more carefully choose what we do, and what we do not have on the floor.


We love steel.  We’ve always stocked it, and we always will.  When ridden, steel frames have a feel, unlike any other material. And, unlike many people’s perceptions, quality steel is actually quite light.  Of course, we also stock alloy bikes and plenty of carbon fibre components.


We’re not a high-end bike shop.  We’re not a low-end bike shop either.  We look to stock bikes that you will love and always try to match the bike to your needs.  Sure, we order higher-end stuff in if that’s what suits you – and tend to have a few on show.  We’ll also help you build up a custom solution, choosing the frameset and the componentry to best suit your needs.


Each and every bike that comes into the shop is built up by an experienced mechanic, who initials the bike’s sale tag.  Then, a second senior mechanic will quality-check the bike over again, ensuring nothing has been overlooked and the bike is ready to go and add their initials.  Only once this is done will a bike be offered for sale.  Indeed, that quality-check process actually finishes at the complimentary 2-month service, as things can settle in and loosen off in that time. And you get a 6-month service too.


We want to see you on your bike for years to come.


And, with a smile on your face.  If things do go wrong, we want to be able to ensure you will get the service you expect.  To that end, there are actually quite good bikes we choose not to stock because we don’t feel that you will get the support you need from the supplier.  If something breaks, we want to be able to replace it quickly, and with a minimum of fuss.  We stand by all of the brands we stock.  And their suppliers help support us.  That’s why, for many of our brands, we’ve been with them for many, many years. The likes of Jamis, Kona, Surly, Brooks, ByK, Tern and more-recently Brompton and Gazelle provide our customers with years of reliable transport.


Bicycles have made a big change in our lives.  They make us happy.  We like to make you happy too.

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