The Inaugural Ride

I hear the squeak of rubber on wood.

“Come outside, I’ve got a surprise for you”, shouts a manly voice.

I run down the hallway, my footsteps echoing, excitement bubbling up inside.

I crash out the door into the warm, sticky air. I look around and there is my dad holding a bike!

He worked at Velo Cycles in Carlton and has been trying to put me on a bike since i was 1 year old.

I squeal with utter excitement and run over to my BYK. I quickly let my eyes scan over the bike. I start taking some mental notes; color: purple, size: 450, 8 speed!

I hop on and shift around in the seat, getting comfortable. At first my dad pushes me, steadying the bike, then I start to pedal. My dad lets go and fear envelops me. What if I fall? What if my foot gets caught? What if I hurt myself? I am so caught up in my fears that I forget to steer, there is a pole rapidly approaching. I jerk out of the way and fall from the sudden movement. I lie sprawled on the ground as my dad sprints toward me. He crouches beside me and hoists me up to a sitting position. I groan.

“It’s just a little graze”, dad says, “Practice makes permanent or perfect, whatever works for you.”

I stand up, brush myself off and try again. I try again and again and again and again. After the seventh try I admit defeat, I sit on the curb and look sadly at my  wonderful bike. My beautiful, intricate, sleek, vibrant bike that I will never get to ride. I sigh. Then dad comes over, he sits beside me.

“Riding a bike isn’t just about moving the pedals and steering”, Dad says calmly, “It is about balance and believing you can do it. You need to focus and believe.”

I stand up, my eyes blazing with determination. I grab my bike and swing my leg over the frame. Then, I push off onto our quiet street. I pedal furiously, concentration never wavering.

Then I get to the downhill section. The fears start to fill my head again but I push them away. I can do this! I soar down, the wind in my hair. The speed is exhilarating and I whoop, happiness bubbling over.

A huge smile creeps onto my face.

I skid to a stop and get off the bike. My dad is waiting for me at the bottom of the hill, where I stopped. I stand in front of him, windswept hair and gigantic smile.

“Can I go again?” I say, laughing. 

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Welcome Back!!!

Yes, we will be able to welcome you in person at our shop from Saturday!

If you have been patiently waiting to test ride a bike please bring your photo ID.
QR check in and face masks are still required to be worn in the store
Thank you for for patience, we can't wait to have you back in store.

Opening hours:

monday to Friday 9am to 4pm

Saturday 11am to 4pm