I am serious, and stop calling me Surly

Summer is fast on the approach, and as the weather turns warmer our attention once again falls to dreams of new bikes…


Here at Velo Cycles, we have been stocking Surly almost since the day we first opened, and are big fans of this American bike manufacturer for a number of reasons. Firstly they’re super versatile – you’ve got eyelets for racks, fenders – you name it, you can fit it. Secondly, tyre clearance. Because bigger is better, we like to rock wide tyres for better comfort and grip and, with their fatties fit fine (FFF) rear seat stays you can have 40+c tyres no problem; even with fenders! Lastly but not leastly, the ride. Surly’s 4130 CroMo tubing offers a lovely smooth ride across all terrain, and will last you a lifetime, no fatiguing tubes here!


As the days grow longer we have some gorgeous Surly frames on the menu for you to feast on over the summer. Our current lineup includes the ever-popular Straggler, the tried and tested Cross-check, the veteran Long Haul Trucker, and its modern cousin the Disc Trucker.


However, along with our regular menu, this year we’re offering some tasty designer dishes, namely framesets and custom builds! Want to design your own dream build? Or have an old groupset lying around that you want to use? Or even just want to do it yourself, no problem! We sell them as frameset as well – after all, that’s how Surly themselves first started! If you do want a custom build just talk to one of our friendly staff members or send us an email (info@velocycles.com.au), and they can give you a rough idea about cost options etc.


Our Framesets are as follows:

We’ve got the Cross-Check which is Surly’s Cyclo-Cross / touring / Adventure bike Crosscheck


  • (Grey) in Sizes 50,52,54,56,58,60

The Straggler which is similar to its function as the Cross-Check except with disc brakes and a slightly revised geometry


  • Black 54, 58
  • Glitterdreams (now rare) 58 gler (Mint) 54

And last but not least Surly’s single speed offering the Steamroller Steamroller (Blue) 53, 56 Steamroller (Black) 53, 56, 59.


If you don’t see what you’re looking for send us an email (info@velocycles.com.au) and we can see if we can find something that tickles your pickle.


Surly’s Straggler in Lime

The Surly Steamroller

Standing to attention

All the Surlys!

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