You may have noticed it outside our shop: a monitor that counts the number of cyclists that go past on the @Capital City Bike Trail. Installed by the @Moreland City Council in 2013, it helps us keep track of changes in rider traffic.


Each year there’s been a fairly steady increase of riders going past, but this year there’s been some changes in the stats.


January saw a 26% decrease from last year. Closure on the bike trail and poor air quality from bushfires would have contributed to the drop.


February was also a little quiet with 4% less riders than last year.


This month the numbers have picked right back up. Since we began counting in 2013, March has been the busiest month of the year, with numbers always topping above 100,000. March marks the end of summer cruising and time for uni students to click back into gear. The cooler weather is also a great excuse to get pedaling and blood pumping.


SUPER TUESDAY is the first Tuesday of March, and has consistently been the busiest riding day of the year. Last Tuesday, the numbers topped the charts with a whopping 5,263 people riding past.


There’s one day that has us all a little puzzled. On the 15th of Feb 2020 only 981 cyclists rode past, that’s less than ¼ of the daily average. Has it got something to do being right after Valentines day? It’s a bike riding mystery that’s yet to be solved.


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